Friday, December 14, 2007

It is well known among my family that I am partially deaf. If there is a lot going on, I am likely to not hear someone talking to me, calling my name, or otherwise trying to get my attention. I can't hear anything but unrecognizable whispers if I put the phone up to my left ear. If someone is sitting on my left and is trying to whisper to me I cannot make out a word they are saying.

I am wondering if my children suffer from hearing loss as well.
They can't hear me when I tell them 'no.' They don't come when I call their names. When I am trying to explain something they need to understand, they don't hear a word I am saying. When I try to get their attention it is in vain. Yes, now I am convinced it must be hearing loss. I think their ears are immune to the sound of my voice. At least now I can explain it.


Laurie said...

HA! All children have hearing loss. Remember when I took Clay to the audiologist when he was about Devin's age because I was sure he could not hear?
Children just have selective hearing.

Mariela said...

I think your mom is right.

LCFrohm said...

Why did I never know this? I mean we lived together for a whole year.
I mean you could have at least thrown it out there the 100 times I made you turn down your stereo. :)
Love ya!
p.s. I should have my kids ears checked as well. No deafness in this family- but they never listen. I scream at the top of my lungs- and they just stare blankly at me. :)

Heather Rigby said...

Amen, and they have super X-men muntant strength hearing for the words "McDonalds, outside and candy."

Anonymous said...

Too funny - I guess I know lots of kids that suffer from hearing loss!

Jewelry84097 said...

YES. Kids are all deaf on purpose. Only natural consequences help them listen. NO CHORES DONE, THEN NO TV/COMPUTER/PLAYING! They hear that one pretty well.