Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Little Monkey

First off, to my family- Sorry, this is a repeat. I have been talking about this all day and you no doubt have heard it probably at least two times each. That being said:

This morning I awoke to Reese's happy little chatter. Since she wasn't yelling for me to come get her, I dozed off again. Next thing I know, I am awoken a second time, but this time to the most sickening thud immediately followed by Reese crying. I jumped out of bed and ran as fast as I could to her room because I knew exactly what had happened--Reese dove out of her crib! There she was in a little heap on the floor dazed and crying. Keep in mind my baby is only 13 months old! WAY too young to be figuring out how to escape from her crib! I swooped her up and held her tightly and she calmed down almost immediately. Apparently her little stunt only scared her, thank goodness. As soon as Brad came into the room to see why I frantically yelled his name, Reese wanted him and snuggled him for a good 10 minutes letting herself be reassured that she was indeed alright.

This little happening today scares me--I would like to believe that Reese is just top heavy and being the very tall girl that she is, leaned over the rail causing her top half to tip her over and out. I am afraid that is not the case, and that she is instead a "spirited child" like her brother. In any case, it seems I need to invest in a crib tent. Yes, I have to cage my child in--appropriate since 3/4 of the time I feel like a zoo keeper to my little monkeys anyway.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Tis the season...

for vinyl, apparently! I have been so busy lately with tons of Super Saturday orders from wards all over the U.S. So far I have finished and shipped 5 very large orders, and I currently am working on about 5 more. It's been really fun, but stressful at the same time. I have decided I can't do vinyl when Dev and Reesie are up because 1.) I go into this vinyl daze and don't pay attention to them, what they are doing, or what they are getting into, and 2.) My poor kids would never get to go outside, play, or do anything fun all day. Because of my little rule for myself, I have been up really late for the last 2 or 3 weeks finishing orders, boxing them up, answering emails, and basically weeding the vinyl until I go cross-eyed. It's nice to have a hobby, and one that makes me some spending money at that!

These are digital images of some of the most popular tiles--I need to thank Aubri for these--they aren't my crafty work. Thanks, Aubri.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I hope you are having a great day! Love you!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bills to pay

I just thought I would let these pictures illustrate one of Reesie's favorite things to do...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Found another cute {and free} blog template! Thanks, Courtney and Lindsay.

If you find yourself missing from my blog roll, it's cause all my peeps got deleted with the switch-a-roo. I am in the process of adding you back!

Back to Boring

BLAST! The chica that I got my cute template from was shut down, so my blog was all messed up. I had to switch back to a boring old regular template. I really need to learn how to digi scrap so I can come up with my own template. Then my genius of a husband can work his html magic and make it work on blogger. Sounds like a plan, right? It'll never happen. I am too intimidated by all things photoshop--that and I don't need to take on any more projects in my life right now.

Anyone want to make one for me?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Holiday Plans

The holidays are quickly approaching--I can't believe how fast time goes by. This time last year I had a brand new baby and a almost potty trained 3 year old. This year I have a opinionated, personality filled one year old and a fully potty trained, independent four year old. How did this happen?!

Anyway, I got off track. This is supposed to be about holiday plans. Brad and I are so excited for Thanksgiving! We always love Thanksgiving, but this year it is going to be extra special because Brad's family is traveling a long way to come be with us and Brad's Grandparent's (who live in Taos) for Thanksgiving. Devin is excited to see Grandpa Pants and Grandma Stacy(and his aunts and uncle too!), and I am excited for Reese to be able to spend some more time with them also. I am crossing my fingers that her anxiety of others doesn't apply to them. Stacy, Tyler, Kirsti, (maybe Trisha?) are all going to come a little early and spend some time in Rio Rancho with us. I am trying to think of some fun things to take them and the kids to do together. Maybe the tram? Vance is going to come on Wednesday, and we are all going to travel to Taos to be with Tom and Glenda. Spending time with the Harris' is always fun. Brad and I miss them terribly and don't get to see them often enough.

For Christmas, we will be staying in NM and hopefully my mom will have her annual gingerbread making contest. I really stink at it, but it is so much fun! I also love our tradition of a Mexican food dinner on Christmas Eve. Growing up I had so much fun with my family on Christmas. I love all the traditions, and I love being with them. Christmas time and traditions are especially fun now that I have kids of my own. I love to see their faces light up. My favorite though, is teaching my kids about the holidays and their true meaning. I love teaching Devin about Jesus Christ and all that He has done for us. Devin has such a simple, innocent understanding of Christ--I learn from him!

The holidays truly are special. I love this time of year. Last year Brad and I made a goal to not lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays. That is my goal again this year. It is not about gifts and Santa and food and lights and decorations. It is about giving unto others, celebrating the birth of our Savior, remembering those in need, and being thankful for everyone and everything we have in our lives. These are the things my family will celebrate this year.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yet another shout out

This one is for my good friend SAGE! It was great seeing you, I wish it were for longer and more often. I am glad to know you read my blog--you really should start your own!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Laugh From Devin

It's 6:45 this morning. Devin is watching me change Reese's diaper. This comes out of his mouth:

"Jesus' miracle for us is he makes babies come out of bellies with no holes!"

Being that he was in the delivery room when Reese was born, Brad did a good job of distracting him!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That Lady Eats Too Much!

Devin is in the stage where he describes people by what they look like. I have carefully been trying to correct him when he says things that might be hurtful or disrespectful to others. well the other day he had to tell me something about "the fat lady." I thoughtfully tried to explain why we don't call people fat. Then he asked me why some people are fat, so I told him some people eat more than their body needs, and some people have medical conditions that make them that way. He seemed to accept this answer and I didn't hear anything else on the subject.

Fast forward about two weeks: We are walking through Albertson's shopping when I hear him whisper (very loudly, at almost a regular volume) "MOM! THAT LADY EATS TOO MUCH!!!!!" I dashed into an isle, parked the cart and asked him to repeat what he said....Yup, he said what I thought he said. So then I asked him why he thought she ate too much? He replies meekly but matter-of-factly, "Because she was fat."

Oh my. That was another fun one to explain that it can hurt people's feelings to point out the obvious.

What a funny boy. He sure keeps me busy and entertained!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Reesie's Daily Doings

  • Finds my purse. Pulls everything out until she finds my gum. Takes a piece, paper and all, and shoves it into her mouth. Crawls throughout the house to find me and show me. Screams at me when I dig it out of her mouth.
  • Goes back to where she pulled everything out of my purse. Finds my pen. Finds my checks. Writes out checks. She has many bills to pay, apparently!
  • Goes into my bedroom, opens my bottom drawer, pulls out every single item of clothing and throws them behind her. Shuts my drawer, crawls out of the room--she remembers she has one more check to write.
  • Finds Devin while he is laying down watching TV or looking at books. Pulls his hair and squeals happily.
  • Sees a bathroom door left open, hightails it into the bathroom to fish in the potty before mommy realizes she is too quiet and missing.
  • Makes her way into the kitchen. Tries every cupboard until she finds one with which she is satisfied with the contents {usually the one with the most stuff to pull out} and begins her laborious work of cleaning it out.
  • Finds mommy. After all her hard work she is famished. She needs food, drink, and love. In that order. If you do it out of order, you have to suffer the consequences of her yelling at you in disgust--how many times does she have to tell you? Food! Drink! THEN Love!
  • Finally, morning nap. After morning nap, she re-attends to all her previous business listed above.