Thursday, November 29, 2007

By Request

A friend of mine complained that I only post pictures of the kids; none of Brad and I.
So today, for you (you know who you are) I am posting one of us up in Taos.
It was beautiful there and we had a great time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wish lists

Did you know you can make wish lists for all to see on I must be a caveman because I had no clue until tonight (I have a lot of time on my hands tonight, can you tell?). Anyway, I had fun starting one:

Good idea in theory, makes it easier for someone to shop for you, but wouldn't it ruin the surprise?

Tagged: 6 Facts About Me

Looks like it is time for round two; I have been tagged once again.

1. Most people really don't "get" me. I have a weird personality and sense of humor. My family and close friends understand me, but I think upon first meeting me I bewilder a lot of people. They don't know when I am joking or being sarcastic. This is hard for me because I offend a lot of people without ever trying to or knowing that I have.

2. My favorite books to read are true crime books. I find it fascinating. It must be the psychologist in me.

3. I am such a cliche-I love getting flowers, jewelry, sweet love notes...all the typical "woman gifts."

4. I have GREAT taste in music. Example: I absolutely
LOVE Michael Bolton. His Greatest Hits CD puts me in the best mood. I can't help but sing out loud and dance around. Dev, on the other hand, has horrible taste in music. He dislikes Michael Bolton and tells me his songs are "hideous" (he must have heard that from his Daddy!). I also love Boy Bands, Britney Spears (the poor mess), horrendous rap music, and sappy country.

5. As mentioned a few times before-I love all things teeny-bopper. I have no idea why. Yes, I realize most of it is stupid, brainless, and possibly kills my braincells just for listening/watching/reading it. All the same, it is still my curse.

6. I cannot stand being called Miss, Mrs, Lady, or Ma'am! I seriously would prefer "HEY YOU!"

****PS- I don't quite know why my post is in two different colors/sizes....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Adventure

I have been a mom for a little over 4 years. Today was the first time I have ever had to call Poison Control. My little curious Reesie decided to dig through the trash and pull out my foam brush full of Americana Baby Blue Acrylic Paint. By the time I turned around and saw what she was doing, she had the whole thing in her mouth like a Popsicle and baby blue paint forming a ring around her lips. She was quite happy---until I took it away, then the screaming began. I called the pediatrician who informed me I needed to call poison control. By the time I got the poison control lady on the phone Reese was in a full fledged fit. The lady was very concerned and asked me if the screaming began after she ate the paint. I told her no, the screaming began after I took the paint away.

Apparently acrylic paint is one of the things you want your child to eat if they are going to eat something they aren't supposed's non toxic and only causes a belly ache for the baby. It doesn't appear Reese has a belly ache, but I sure have a head ache from listening to her protestant screams!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When I'm Not Watching

Today I got out of the shower and found this:

Devin had dressed himself up as "The Fang from the Tastic Four" again and decided that Fang was thirsty and could only have juice because his "sugary blood" was "low."
{Think he listens to his mom mumbling about low blood sugar?}

This isn't the first time I have gotten out of the shower to find surprises that could have been disasters. When we first moved here I got out of the shower and found my block of cheese hacked up and on the floor. Next to it was a very sharp knife. Devin came over and told me that the "sharp life" wouldn't cut the cheese, and asked that I please do it (this was when he still said please and asked for favors--not demanded them. Ahh, the good old days...)

This next picture is of Reesie following in her big brother's foot steps:

She pushed the box of water and the bucket over there. I have no idea what she was after...nothing was on the counter but the toaster.

Funny kids--I guess until they get hurt that is.

Monday, November 5, 2007


This picture has nothing to do with my post...I just think my babies look so cute in it!!!

Anyway, last weekend I bought myself the most exciting toys: a router and a router table!!! Brad laughs at me because my new obsession is power tools. I told him I hope he is not used to me having 10 fingers because very soon I might be down to 9 1/2. I am only halfway kidding--I am not a very careful person, and I think power tools are probably very bad toys for me. I just got done finishing up the set up of my new toys (I made my nice husband do the hard parts) and I got to do a trial run on a board--it turned out great! I didn't even hurt myself, besides a slight slash to the forearm-but I am not counting that as an injury. I can't wait to add to my new collection of power tools!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Did You Know:

  • My life expectancy is 13 years shorter than any other average female my age.
  • Even if I lead a completely healthy life with healthy lifestyles and eating habits I am still likely to suffer from organ failure, amputations, loss of eyesight, and heart disease.
  • I have a 75% chance of dying from heart disease and/or stroke.
  • I have a 40% chance of developing kidney disease by age 50.
  • I have an increased chance of having a baby with deformities, as well as an increased chance of having a miscarriage.
  • For me, nerve damage is inevitable.
  • My risk of death is 2 times greater when compared to my peers.
  • Rather than dying of natural causes, I will likely fall victim to the United States' 5th leading cause of death.
Have you figured out what the common denominator is? DIABETES

Pretty grim isn't it? Even more grim is the fact that my children have a 40-60% chance of the same fate. Millions and millions of Americans share my fate already. I am sure you all know at least one person first hand who suffers from Type 1 diabetes. I have heard that I am "lucky" to "only have" diabetes, and I guess I can see why someone might say that. But really, who would CHOOSE those statistics?

Research is being done, and it is said that scientists are very close to a cure. While I am skeptical of exactly how close a cure is--I know the research is being done and that someday there will be one. I don't think I will see it in my life time, but I am hoping my kids will see it in theirs. To support this cause, Brad and I have started donating to help fund research for a cure for childhood diabetes. I would ask that you support the cause also. There are many ways to support the cause--direct donation, participating in walks, as wells as a few others. To find out how to donate click this link.