Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow, I'm on a roll with the posting. Go me.

My Grandpa has been staying with my mom. I absolutely LOVE having him here so close. He lives in Utah and hasn't been able to come visit us in NM in a really long time. He is the neatest man; so fun and smart. While he has been here I have put him to work (sorry, Grandpa!). He
has fixed my phone jacks, given me a tutorial on how to efficiently and correctly use Round Up without killing the plants I actually like (as well as explaining to me how to secretly kill the Russian Sage plants I don't like- but don't tell Brad that!), and he helped me to plant a tomato plant in my new Topsy Turvy. I think I better get him to teach me about caring for tomato plants though because it's on it's way to the plant Spirit World after only 2.5 weeks. I am
hoping to revive it with some TLC and fertilizer.

My kids love Grandpa too. Reesie, who is normally very shy around men she doesn't know took to him immediately and will tease him. She calls him "Bumpa". I love the way she says it. It's so cute. Devin loves to tease and play with him too. It's been so fun to see them get to know each other.

Isn't this the cutest picture? I am going to treasure it forever.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear (or not so dear) Joseph Graham,

Will you please stop giving out my phone number to all your debt collectors? I am sorry that every 6 months you seem to have yet another quarter (?), mid (?), life crisis and all the collectors come chasing after you but REALLY- you have been handing out my number as your own for 3 years now.

Also, please tell your wife that her nail lady no longer cares for her business.

Oh yeah, and Eduardo has been looking for you. Please call him back so the man will stop harassing me. He seems to think I have you "stashed" and doesn't believe me when I tell him he has the wrong number.

And don't forget to call American Express. They have "matters" they would like to discuss with you.

Thank you,
The REAL resident of (505) 771-XXXX

Monday, June 22, 2009

mini update

I just tried to take a pic of Dev to add to this post, but I can't locate the camera. Dev will have to have his own little post to show off his handsomeness.

Reese thoroughly enjoys apples. I was hesitant to give her a whole apple at first because I thought there was no way she would actually finish it. Guess what? She did! She loves apples and I like giving them to her because they keep her occupied for a good hour and a half.

Not the greatest picture of my Asher but it does show what an angel face he has. He is the sweetest baby. He hates noise and loudness which is unfortunate, since he was born into the noisiest family ever, but I think he might be getting used to us. He is going to be 11 months old and his method of transportation is still rolling. I LOVE that he is taking his time on everything. I want him to stay a baby as long as possible.

Dev is such a SMART little boy. His vocabulary amazes me daily. He is reading like none other and even reads the scriptures for us at night. The other day I was trying to censor a word I was using out of frustration by spelling it and Devin totally sounded it out and said it! UGH!!! I need to just install a V-Chip in myself. Devin is going to be going to Montessori school next year. The school district is opening one within the Elementary School he attended last year, so we filled out an application and Dev got accepted! We are excited to try it out and see how it goes.

Summer has been busy. We are trying to take field trips and do new things so we don't get bored. All I can say is that a new level of "being a mom is hard" has been introduced to me this summer. It is hard to plan around everyone's schedules and keep the whole crew happy. I am getting better at it though. So, there's the short update. Sorry I suck as a blogger. I am debating just deleting this blog--it's just another source of my feelings of inadequacy. We'll see.