Monday, April 14, 2008

The Greatest Invention

The other night my entire family almost died. Brad and I both woke up at 5 AM and I went into the hallway and immediately smelled gas. I went into the kitchen and saw that our gas stove had been left on ignite all night. Reese likes to turn the knobs and apparently I didn't notice. The gas had been going since 8 PM--we are so lucky nothing happened.

Anyway, that day I did some searching online and found these baby proof covers for our knobs. Hopefully little smarty pants doesn't figure them out too quickly.


Mariela said...

I love those! I'm so glad you guys are ok and that some1 was smart enough to think that up. I'm sure it will keep a lot of people safe. Remind me that one day I'll need those too.

Heather Rigby said...

Wow, scary. Thanks for the info, that is good to know.