Monday, October 13, 2008

Had you given up on me?

I know, I know, FINALLY a new post. And this one is going to be a whopper--there is so much to tell about. My list of things to blog about has just been getting longer and longer. I finally decided I needed to just sit down and do it because I am forgetting the things that were at the beginning of the list. Slacker, I know. 3 kids really has been a little hectic. All seems {mostly} fine until I venture out into public with all 3 of them...then the freak show circus hits the town! Most times I am so embarrassed by what we must look like, me trying to wrangle 2 strong-willed kids and at the same time tend to a new born. I get lots of sympathetic glances and lots of annoyed stares. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

K, onto catching up! One week after we had Asher, Dev had his 5th birthday. I can't believe my baby is 5! We had such a fun party-we rented a Batman jump house for Dev and his friends and let them have at it. It was a blast!The jump houseShowing off his moves

Remind me to tell you about his sweet shorts

Opening presents

We are still talking about how fun that party was! Then, a few weeks after the party Devin had his first day of school! Real school--he's a kindergartner! I can't believe it-where has time gone? He loves school and is learning a ton. He comes home and shares his wealth of knowledge with me--sometimes I have NO idea what my little know-it-all is talking about. I love to hear all about the friends he is making and the things he does at school. I love to watch his independence grow. He really is his own little person. Him going to school has definitely been WAY harder on me than it has been on him. It's hard to send my baby off by himself everyday. I wonder what he is doing and how he is behaving and if he is being nice and if kids are nice to him and if he is eating his sandwich or just the dessert and if he is washing his hands after he uses the restroom and if he is lonely or homesick, etc. I just worry about him.

First Day of School

Then came Reesie's birthday. We had so much fun with the jump house on Dev's birthday that we rented another one! My nephew Cole's birthday is 2 days before Reesie's so my sister and I decided to throw a double party and rented a cute puppy jump house for the babies.The cute puppy house

Reese and Cole Bouncing Together

Princess opening presents-Dev trying to help

The Dora Cake

Reesie's birthday was all things Dora. Dora the Explorer is the only girl thing Reese likes. This birthday was the Dora Extravaganza! It was too cute. Reese is such a doll. I love this stage-terrible two's and all, even though I do call my mom plenty to let off steam over the fits.

Somewhere in between the birthdays we went to Telluride. I think it was in between the birthdays--I don't remember many details these days! Telluride was beautiful and so much fun! It was so nice to be able to spend time with my parents and siblings in such a beautiful relaxing place. We had a great time.Riding in the Gondola with the cute kids. Yes, that is a leash in the form of a monkey on Reese. Don't judge. =0)
The beautiful view from the gondola.

After our traveling fun and back into real life: Brad had surgery on his right arm. He had an ulner nerve transplacement. Yes, it is as sick as it sounds. They took his nerve and moved it. They put it in some muscle and attached it there. Gag! As gross as it is, I really hope it works. He has been in a lot of pain because of that annoying nerve. If it works and relieves his pain/numbness then we are going to go ahead and sign him up for that misery again for his left arm. Cross your fingers.For your viewing pleasure

That about sums up the goings on around here...but I do want to talk about my sweet baby Asher for a minute. He is the sweetest, cutest baby. We sure do love him. He is already 2.5 months old and he is just getting to be more and more fun. He is starting to smile and coo at us. He is a cuddly baby and loves to watch what's going on. He seems to be a little fearful of his sister, but who can blame him? She is obsessed with his eyes and loves to poke them. We have to watch her every second around him. He is so calm, I keep telling everyone that he just might be my calm child. My obedient child, my quiet child. Then my brother Seth reminds me that I thought that about Reese too, now look at her; some say she is more hyper, crazy, wild than Devin!Sweet, sweet boy. Look at that face!

She sure loves her brother, but man she makes me nervous that close to him!

And for some unillustrated news: Brad was offered a job by NM Game and Fish and has accepted it. We are pretty excited about it.

Also, Cute Asher was blessed a couple weeks ago and Brad didn't change his name in the blessing, so Asher it is for good. He did so good and didn't even cry during the blessing. Oh yeah, and neither did Asher. Just kidding, Brad. It is late and my post is starting to show it. Maybe there will be more posts sooner than 2 months...who knows?


Josh and Dana Carpenter said...

What cute pictures! I didn't know anything about Brad's surgery. I wonder if his hometeaching companion knows anything about it? Probabyly not. I have had a baby gift for three months now that I have yet to deliver to you. I promise to get it over soon. I just recently started a blog. Hope you check it out.

Petit Elefant said...

THERE you are! So glad you're still in one piece. The babies are beautiful, you're doing a great job McKay!

Ashley said...

Your kids are all so cute. Of course Asher is such a good baby, he is a third child, the third child is always the best one.

nicole said...

such beautiful kids - and one ugly arm! glad you are doing well!

Natalie said...

I cant believe all your kidos have birthdays so close together. I guess you can get them done all at once. :)

Bella said...

I had about given up on ya!Hahah I kept checking for updates and nada! Don't worry, I'm horrible with blogging. Your kids are so cute! I can't believe your oldest is 5???!! WHAT THE?? For some reason I thought he was only 3! Dang it where does the time go. Hope everyone is doing well!

Angie said...

What fun birthday parties...I didn't even have one for Brooklyn this year. She didn't seem to mind though, but I'm SURE that it won't be a trend. Asher is SUCH a cute baby! It's so fun to see pictures of him. It's still hard to believe that you guys have 3! And I can't believe how much they have grown. It's crazy...