Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Hobby?

4 weeks ago I started the Couch-to-5k Running Plan. For someone who thought she hated running, I am really enjoying it. About a week in I started having shin pain on my right leg and knee pain on my left. It would get to the point that when I got home from running I would be limping. Last week I realized the pain came immediately after I put my shoes on. Yesterday I went to ABQ Running Shop and was fitted for some running shoes by a very helpful sales person. I went running last night and guess what?! No pain! It was a great workout that left me feeling really good. I find myself getting excited to go running again.

Even though I won't quite be done with the program yet, I am thinking of entering this race. Then at the beginning of September when I am done with the program, I am going to enter this race. I am interested to see how different my finish times will be.

And, as a side note: While I was at ABQ Running Shop I mentioned to the sales person that it is disappointing that most of the races are held on Sundays, because we don't participate in activities on Sundays. He was quiet for a moment then told me about a running group I can join that holds "mostly handicap races" on Saturdays. I walked out of there laughing, thinking he was telling me I should join the special olympics or something. I am new to running, but come on! That was just mean! Then I actually looked up the site he gave me and saw that no, he was not trying to insult me, it is indeed an actual race, just a little different. Here is a link to read about it. I learned an important lesson from this--For some reason I think it is funny when people insult me (or when I ignorantly think they are trying to). =)


Mariela said...

I want to do this with you. I wish we could have started together. I have some catching up to do so I can keep up with you. And You really do look AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

what are you running for.

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