Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catching Up

My blogging has been random and lame, to say the very least. This post is to catch up on things I have often thought about blogging but have been to lazy to do so.

  • I believe Reese has an allergy/sensitivity to dairy products. I started noticing that everyday after she had milk she would have diarrhea. I took her off milk for 2 weeks and it got a little better. I gave her milk a couple days ago and the poor girl has had severe diarrhea ever since. I think I need to eliminate yogurt, cheese and all other obvious dairy also to see how she reacts (or doesn't) to that.
  • Reese is a monkey. She is always climbing on top of everything. She climbs on chairs to get onto the table, she climbs over the back of the couch, she climbs on my hope chest, she will climb on anything she can manage. The other night I was on the phone and I heard her start to cry that horrible cry where you KNOW something is wrong with your baby and that they are in extreme pain. She wouldn't calm down and wouldn't let anyone touch her. After a long while I noticed it was her arm/hand that was the problem. She wouldn't use them anymore and when she did it made her yell out in pain and start to cry. That night every time she moved in her sleep she would cry so the next day I took her in to the doctor. Turns out the poor girl had a dislocated elbow. It had been dislocated for over 12 hours and thus was VERY painful for her. The doctor put it back into place, but it still took her 3 days to begin to use her arm again.
  • Devin informed us this week that Reese is no longer a baby, she is a "toggler."
  • On Mother's Day our Primary kids got up on the stand and sang to their moms in sacrament meeting. I will never forget this Mother's Day. My sweet little Dev stood up there in the very front as close as he could get to the microphone and sang at the top of his lungs to me. The whole congregation was laughing because he could be heard all the way in the back of the chapel. He was a little off also, so he was singing the words just after the rest of the primary. It was so sweet. He loves his mama and I am sure lucky to have him.
  • Dev is excited to go to Hawaii next month. He isn't too sure about swimming in the ocean though because he thinks the fish will nibble at his toes!
  • Dev has beaten Lego Star Wars on the Wii all by himself. I swear, this kid is amazing--he is 4 and he knows and can do so much! I don't think I could beat any game on the Wii!
  • Dev had a friend over to play the other day. She is a girl and is 3. Needless to say, they both had different ideas about what they wanted to play. She wanted to play house and be a mama and Dev wanted to play Star Wars and kill the bad guys. They kept arguing about which one they were playing. Finally I heard Dev say "Fine! You're a mom and I'm Darth Mal and I just killed your baby!" Poor little girl starts crying and screaming at him that he can't kill babies. His reply? "Yes, I can because I'm betending! And I didn't kill the baby, Darth Mal did!"
  • Reese has a new favorite phrase: "No way!" Dev asked her for some of her snack the other day and she said, "No way" in such a sweet little voice. Dev cracked up laughing before his feelings got hurt. Then I heard him tell her "But I am so nice to you, Reese!"
  • The waddling has set in on my part. This week marks the beginning of pregnancy hell in my book. My back hurts, my legs hurt, I have sciatica, can't sleep, oh the list goes on. And to top it off, today I caught Reese mimicking the way I walk!
  • My new obsession in the iPhone. As soon as the new one is release {hopefully next month} I am getting it. I know it will make my life so much more complete.
  • Brad and I did our civic duties and stimulated the economy. We decided to join this generation and get Tivo. No one can say we don't do our part.
I think that may be it for now. I am sure I will think of more updates. Oh yeah, and yes, I am wishy washy--I have made my blog public again. We will see how long it lasts before I change my mind...AGAIN!


Laurie said...

its about time you updated. Love readingyour blog

WebDoc said...

Allergies to cows milk are different from lactose intolerance. Allergy to cows milk is an immune reaction. Inability to breakdown lactose- the sugar- is a genetic condition. Many people do not make enough lactase - the enzyme to breakdown lactose the sugar. This is usually genetic but after an infection the bowels can loose the ability to produce lactase for a few weeks leaving children and adults sensitive to lactose. If you don't breakdown lactose you are not able to absorb it and the sugar enters into the small bowel and the colon where gas production from bacteria and movement of fluids into the bowels will change. This leads to bloating, diarrhea, cramps and a host of other related symptoms.
People have different degrees of lactose intolerance dependent on the amount of lactase they make. Those who make very little or none will be much more sensitive to foods containing lactose. Many people make enough to eat some amount of lactose containing foods. This changes with age as most grow out of the intolerance. Some people develop more intolerance as they age though.
Yogurt has been broken down by the bacteria in the yogurt and most people with lactose intolerance can eat it without any trouble.
From the NIH site....
"Young children and infants with lactase deficiency should not consume lactose-containing formulas or foods until they are able to tolerate lactose digestion. Most older children and adults do not have to avoid lactose completely, but people differ in the amounts and types of foods they can handle. For example, one person may have symptoms after drinking a small glass of milk, while another can drink one glass but not two. Others may be able to manage ice cream and aged cheeses, such as cheddar and Swiss, but not other dairy products. People can also tolerate more lactose by having smaller amounts of it at one time. The level of dietary control needed with lactose intolerance depends on how much lactose a person’s body can handle.

For those who react to very small amounts of lactose or have trouble limiting their intake of foods that contain it, the lactase enzyme is available without a prescription to help people digest foods that contain lactose. The tablets are taken with the first bite of dairy food. Lactase enzyme is also available as a liquid. Adding a few drops of the enzyme makes lactose more digestible for people with lactose intolerance.

Lactose-reduced milk and other products are available at most supermarkets. The milk contains all of the nutrients found in regular milk and remains fresh for about the same length of time, or longer if it is super-pasteurized."

We love SILK as it contains no lactose of cows milk in it and tastes great.

Dont forget kids still need calcium and I bet you can find a dozen ways to get calcium without lactose.

Mariela said...

I'm glad you posted. How funny. I will never forget Devin singing either. It was amazing! Love your kiddos! Can't wait for my next nephew to come!

Angie said...

Oh yeah...the elbow thing...Nurse mates elbow? Brooklyn did this like 3 times before we realized (or the doctor realized) that it wasn't a was out of place...FINALLY, after the 4th time of it happening, we got a second opinion and that doctor showed me how to put it back into place...they outgrow it thank goodness...I think by 3 years old. But if it happens once, it's more likely to happen again. I saw it happen the 4th time...Brynley was pulling on her arms and then she cried out in pain...OH the joys...

Melanni said...

Devin was so funny on Mother's Day-I was laughing so hard I was crying! He is so cute!