Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Devin-isms

  • He is so excited for his baby brother to come. He loves to touch my belly and feel him kick, he is saving clothes that don't fit him anymore for his brother {his idea!}, he is planning what he wants to teach him, etc. He is just excited--so imagine how I felt the other night when I over heard him ask his dad "Daddy, when the baby comes and gets a little bigger will I still be a part of this family?" In talking to him we discovered that he is really quite concerned about having to "leave" and "grow up." It broke my heart that he can love his brother so much- even if having him {in his eyes} means that he has to leave and no longer be a part of our family.

  • In Sharing Time last Sunday Dev just could not sit still and be quiet. He was constantly bugging his neighbor, talking out of turn, not paying attention, being rowdy, trying to wrestle. When I finally got a chance to {I was conducting}, I took him outside and talked to him {read: threatened him} and told him that I would be sitting by him until he could show me he could be reverent without me by him. We went back to his seat and sat down. He was doing pretty well and the music leader asked him to come up and help her. She said, "Devin, you are being so reverent with your mom next to you, come on up." He went up and replied to her and the whole primary in the most matter-of-fact tone, "My mom had to sit next to me because I was being bad."


Mariela said...

Awe! and how funny!

Jewelry84097 said...

LOL. He is an honest boy!! I love honesty!