Friday, January 4, 2008

Brad is out of town. I am bored. I put the kids to bed early, locked all my doors and windows, pulled down all the blinds and am now listening to complete silence. It's kind of nice, kind of lonely.

Earlier I was desperate to get out and do something so I didn't go crazy cooped up with the kids, so I decided that we all needed a new toy. I packed the kids up and we went to Target. Devin got a transformer that I already hate (he always needs help transforming them, something I DO NOT do because I hate it, then he gets frustrated and cries), and Reese got a backpack full of animal figurines that she has already dismissed. She just wants the transformer. I should have gotten her one of those too, I guess. I got myself a brand new PINK blow dryer because I am tired of looking like the Lion King, a cook book called Deceptively Delicious, and a book by one of my favorite authors Alice Sebold. Then I decided I didn't want to come home and figure out what was for dinner so I got really brave and took the kids to Applebees. They were so so good! It was so pleasant. Reese just sat pleasantly and pigged out (think french fries, chicken nuggets, mom's salad, dev's cheeseburger, and some milk) and Dev sat and picked at his food and played with the blasted transformer. Halfway through his meal he decided he really wanted Reesie's food so they switched.

All in all, it was a fun day, but it's always a little lonely when Brad isn't home. We make due though. And I get to catch up on watching the seasons of 7th Heaven! =)


Clay said...

How long is he gone for? I've been with Clay 2 whole weeks night and day. I haven't been with him that much in a long time. It's been nice but I'm bored of not being productive. Enjoy the quiet it really is nice.

nicole said...

is the cookbook good? i am tempted to get it too.... have fun with 7th heaven!! :)

Jewelry84097 said...

It is SO NICE to eat out with kids and let someone else clean up! I am glad they were good. But BLAST that Transformer!