Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh How I Miss My Secret Shame!!!


I LOVE this show! On Thursday nights the kids go to bed early and I lock myself in my bedroom (literally, I lock the door so as not to be disturbed!) and enjoy this show. My love for this show can be compared to my love for Micheal Bolton--it makes me want to scream in excitement.

I HATE that Grey's is all reruns lately. Seriously, this writers strike has got to end. I can't stand it anymore. I have to know what is going to happen with
McDreamy and Meredith, the Izzie, George, Calli drama (which I hate, by the way--Izzie and George are idiots!), and Mc Steamy and the new Beast of a heart surgeon (her name escapes me at the moment). I may have to resort to renting the seasons in order and watching them through again. My all time favorite episode is the season two finale where Izzie's love, Denny dies. It is so intense and sad! I have seen it probably 6 times and I bawl my eyes out every time. I don't think you understand, not just cry, but the full out UGLY CRY where there is sobbing and gulping for air and indescribable noises that are just, well, ugly! The mascara down my face I look like that chic from Heroes, cry. Brad walked in on it once and walked right back out--I think he was a little scared for my mental well being!

I am all worked up just thinking about all the reruns now! UGH! Give those writers what they want so you can give viewers like me what I want: MORE GREY'S ANATOMY!

Oh, and one more thing, I am now taking applications for a viewing partner. I need someone who loves this show as much as I do to watch with. Brad just doesn't understand (who can blame him?!) and I need someone who will go get the remote for me after I throw it at the TV when something I don't agree with happens. Email me your Grey's Anatomy resume and I will take it into consideration.


petit elefant said...

McKay, I'm so with you!!! I'm in serious t.v. withdrawals right now.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about 24. Get the writers back to work and let Kiefer out of jail. (he may be out of jail by now)
I'm glad Survivor doesn't have writers. :-)

Martinez-Gardner said...

McKay, I feel exactly the same way!!!! I was just telling Jared that I don't care what those writers want, they should get it! How am I supposed to have a tv love life with no new drama? I miss my McDreamy! Those eyes, oooohhhhhh!!!! BTW, I have season one if you want to borrow it. -Suzanne

Laurie said...

Is the guy in the picture on your blog supposed to be dreamy? :)

He looks sort of McSlovenly in the picture. :)

Angie said...

Mckay! I just noticed that you added a "brand new" monkey! I guess that means you're expecting?! Congratulations! (I hope I'm right in assuming this because I haven't heard anything...) That's awesome...You'll have to fill me in. How have you been feeling?

Ashley said...

Mckay I would love to be your TV watching friend, but it may be a little difficult with the living in different towns and all. I agree with being sick of the writers strike. I realize that the writers have a point and the producers or whoever are just be greedy...but come on now...just go back to work.

Harris Family said...

You're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!! -- 186 days to go, that sounds fun! Haha, congrats! I hope I'm right, just saw the newest member thing on the side... congrats!