Thursday, July 10, 2008


Here is today's haul.

2- 40 count packages Pampers diapers
2- 180 count packages Pampers Swipers
1- 45 count box trash bags
1 42 count box Always Maxi Pads
1 24 count package Always Maxi Pads
1 box fruit snacks
1 box crackers
1- 2 pack of paper towels

I am pretty proud of myself. I know it isn't as stellar a deal as most couponers can do, but I am just beginning and I feel like today I did especially well. The total for all of this was $54.41 before all my coupons. After my coupons I only paid $17.77 out of pocket! Anyone want to be smart and do the math and tell me what percentage I saved? I am too lazy.


Laurie said...

I'd say you saved 60-65%

Great shopping

Kristen said...

WOW you're my hero! Good job!!!! I need to do this, Im so worried if I get started I won't know what to do with myself. And at 9 months pregnant, you go girl!

Kristen said...

k--you've inspired me.. ive been looking for coupons, where did you find such deals???

Mariela said...

That is so good! I can find clearance but am not good with couponing. I need some lessons!

Anonymous said...

I want lessons too.