Friday, July 18, 2008

My Greatest Couponing Yet!

17 Powerades
18 Post-It's
2-24 count Always
1 Germ-X
1-12 Pack Mountain Dew

Cost before coupons: $54.xx
My OOP (out of pocket) $0.00 plus $1.22 in tax!!!!


Courtney said...

You are the coupon queen!

cabeandmelplus3 said...

Wow thats so awsome!! I am starting to get into couponing, you should teach you tricks. Hey we are going to be in New Mexico the end of August sometime and I would love to see you.

Kristen said...

You're killing me with your brilliance! I CANT WAIT to see your little baby!! OH I am so jealous!!! I want a baby now, can I just have your's?? Y'all make cute kids!

Martinez-Gardner said...

Wow! How on earth did you manage that? Suzanne

Bella said...

So seriously, how did you manage that. No...I want the answer! I am a coupon queen and LOVE doing rebates but I have never gotten diapers before!! Tell, tell!!

The Brown Team said...

you are my hero!!! way to go on coupons I tried real hard to get coupons down and it is an art so way to go.

Also I just wanted to say I feel for you these last few weeks I was thinking about you and knew you had to be close. I'm having another too and truly hate being pregnant. So Hang in there love you millions Kelli

petit elefant said...

Mckay, you MUST share. Tell me how you do it. Groceries are killing me.

Jewelry84097 said...

There is a coupon queen here called the Savvy Shopper who came to our ward and taught how to do couponing. She sends out a newsletters with WOW, !!! and !! sales at the local stores. Are you doing something like that? Her system is to get those baseball card sheets and organize her coupons in them by department. She also says to take 5 copies of the Sunday paper to get all the coupons.

Mariela said...

That is amazing, now when I spend all this money on just a few things I wonder if I could have found coupons. Where do I even start? THat is! By the way, i thought i might have a new nephew by the time I got back!!! You must be so ready for Monday! xoxo...what do you need?