Friday, July 11, 2008

I am THAT nerd

Today the long anticipated {by me} 3G iPhone came out. I have wanted one for months so I asked my mom and dad if they would drive into ABQ with me to get one. We pulled up to the Apple store and there is a HUGE line around the corner of the building. UGH. All I kept thinking was: "What nerds! They are all standing in this huge line for the phone on it's first day of release!" Then I realized, I am THAT nerd too! I am here to wait in line too! We waited with the kiddos in tow for about an hour. The line barely moved at all. Then the Apple guy came out and told us it would be at least two more hours. I had to give it up right then and there. Me being 9 months pregnant and standing in line for that much longer--I don't think so. We left empty handed and I have regretted it ever since! I think I am hauling Brad and the kids back there bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope I get one and that they aren't all sold out! Darn me and my obsessions!


Dr.Peine said...

You are a cute nerd. Drop your kids off at my house if you go so they don't drive you bonkers. And great haul the other day!

Dr.Peine said...

I guess I'm signed in as Ryan. Oops!

Mariela said...

hope it's everything you've been hoping for! Hope they are not sold out!