Friday, August 17, 2007

Bathroom Humor

Last night as I was giving Dev a bath I asked him to stand up and soap himself. As he was doing so, I reminded him that he needed to wash his bum. He started washing his bum and I could tell he was thinking something over. He looked at me and asked me how many bum cracks he had. I told him only one. Then he looked even more confused and asked, "Why does Reesie have three?" I about died laughing. What a cute observant boy. He then answered his own question and said, "It's because she is chubby!"


Mariela said...

How sweet...these are great memories!

Mariela said...
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Bella said...

Hey Mckay! haha you are going to laugh. Right now I am watching High School Musical with my daughter! We missed #2 hopefully it was good! Hope your doing good!