Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My New Purchase

An elliptical machine! It's not this exact one, but it is cool none the less.
I am really enjoying being able to relax at night and ride my new toy while I space out to the TV. Even Brad has ridden on it a few times.

If you are looking for some sort of work out machine, I would highly recommend an elliptical machine!


Angie said...

This is my favorite of everything at the's not boooring like walking on a treadmill or riding the actually have to move your arms and legs and you can change it up and give your legs or arms individual workouts! Good choice Mckay! Now if I could only find time to exercise...hmmmm

Ryan, Courtney, and Cole Peine said...

I am jealous! I love eliptical machines, although I'm so darn lazy lately I probably wouldn't use it. I can't even get motivated to walk everyday. After my next doctor appointment, when I see how much I gained, I just might have my motivation though.

Stephanie said...

oh man- i want one of those too- i guess i'll add that to my wish list right next to vitamixer :)

Mariela said...

I would be happy if I could get out and walk. Percy needs it too. But how fun. Clay wants one but who knows if we'd use it.

LCFrohm said...

We have one of these too! Unfortunately, it was broken in the move. So we're waiting for the military to give us $$ to either fix or replace the thing.
It just sits in our bedroom...calling my name... wanting to be used. So does my big ol' booty!!
Congrats on the purchase!