Monday, October 1, 2007

Reesie's Daily Doings

  • Finds my purse. Pulls everything out until she finds my gum. Takes a piece, paper and all, and shoves it into her mouth. Crawls throughout the house to find me and show me. Screams at me when I dig it out of her mouth.
  • Goes back to where she pulled everything out of my purse. Finds my pen. Finds my checks. Writes out checks. She has many bills to pay, apparently!
  • Goes into my bedroom, opens my bottom drawer, pulls out every single item of clothing and throws them behind her. Shuts my drawer, crawls out of the room--she remembers she has one more check to write.
  • Finds Devin while he is laying down watching TV or looking at books. Pulls his hair and squeals happily.
  • Sees a bathroom door left open, hightails it into the bathroom to fish in the potty before mommy realizes she is too quiet and missing.
  • Makes her way into the kitchen. Tries every cupboard until she finds one with which she is satisfied with the contents {usually the one with the most stuff to pull out} and begins her laborious work of cleaning it out.
  • Finds mommy. After all her hard work she is famished. She needs food, drink, and love. In that order. If you do it out of order, you have to suffer the consequences of her yelling at you in disgust--how many times does she have to tell you? Food! Drink! THEN Love!
  • Finally, morning nap. After morning nap, she re-attends to all her previous business listed above.


Kristen said...

Sounds like her and Carson would get along just fine. He, too moves as quickly as he can to the bathroom if someone leaves the door open. Tell her if she wants to write me a check she can =)

Mariela said...

How funny...she is a busy girl!