Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That Lady Eats Too Much!

Devin is in the stage where he describes people by what they look like. I have carefully been trying to correct him when he says things that might be hurtful or disrespectful to others. well the other day he had to tell me something about "the fat lady." I thoughtfully tried to explain why we don't call people fat. Then he asked me why some people are fat, so I told him some people eat more than their body needs, and some people have medical conditions that make them that way. He seemed to accept this answer and I didn't hear anything else on the subject.

Fast forward about two weeks: We are walking through Albertson's shopping when I hear him whisper (very loudly, at almost a regular volume) "MOM! THAT LADY EATS TOO MUCH!!!!!" I dashed into an isle, parked the cart and asked him to repeat what he said....Yup, he said what I thought he said. So then I asked him why he thought she ate too much? He replies meekly but matter-of-factly, "Because she was fat."

Oh my. That was another fun one to explain that it can hurt people's feelings to point out the obvious.

What a funny boy. He sure keeps me busy and entertained!


Ashley said...

I love how funny Devin is. He is so smart.

Bella said...

That's awesome McKay!! I think we all have wonderful stories like this! Zach was coming out of the bathroom at church and went up to the person and said, FAT. I was mortified and tried to tell him...yadda yadda to a 2 year old. I was so embarrassed and she was embarrassed. Your little boy sounds adorable! Aren't little boys cute?!!

Mariela said...

Haha...At least Devin doesn't tell his Uncle Clay he eats too much. Which he doesn't but Clay would argue with that!