Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to Boring

BLAST! The chica that I got my cute template from was shut down, so my blog was all messed up. I had to switch back to a boring old regular template. I really need to learn how to digi scrap so I can come up with my own template. Then my genius of a husband can work his html magic and make it work on blogger. Sounds like a plan, right? It'll never happen. I am too intimidated by all things photoshop--that and I don't need to take on any more projects in my life right now.

Anyone want to make one for me?


Angie said...

I am in a Photoshop class right now and it is so fun and yet so hard, but I am getting it!

Angie said...

I was just going to ask you where you found that cute template for your blog! I was trying to find something original like yours, but I have no time to figure out how all of this digi scrapping works...! So, I'm boring too...oh well, the rest of my life is C-R-azy and full of drama!

Anyway, miss ya!

Angie said...

By the way, the second comment from Angie is from Angie J!! :)

LCFrohm said...
This is a website my friends use.
My page was designed by a friend who charges $$ to do it. So I'd go with the link above. Thankfully, my friend needed testers, so mine was free. Phew!!