Thursday, April 12, 2007


Growing up I have always liked Easter. When I was really little I woke up to a breakfast of candy. Okay, so I know it was not intended to be my breakfast, but it always ended up being that way. It was great. Then I got a little older, and learned the true meaning and importance of Easter. Then I had kids, and got to experience Easter as a mom. Easter as a mom is 100x better than Easter as a child, or a young adult. This year I had so many opportunities to teach Devin about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and their love for us. It was an amazing experience to see my little boy try and wrap his head around it all, and to understand what I was telling him. He had so many questions and comments for me that I never imagined any three year old comprehending. It is the most wonderful feeling to have that sure knowledge of Christ, and to share that with the most important people I have in my life. It is even more wonderful to see that my little boy is gaining an understanding and a testimony of his own. I have a special boy on my hands, I realize this more every day.