Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here are the Harris house, we have been afflicted with illness in one form or another for over a week. I NEED A BREAK!!! I would love to say that I am a great mom, that I roll with the punches, I give my sick kids all the compassion, love, and care that they need. I tend to their every desire. Can't do it. I can't say that. What I can say, however, is that I have learned there are two Mckay's. Regular Mckay, and Psycho Mckay. I introduced my mom to Psycho Mckay yesterday when I had HAD it. I couldn't handle the whining, sobbing, neediness, following me all around, demanding, break downs, temper tantrums, and no sleep thing ANY LONGER! That is what my last week has been. I don't think Devin has gone 10 minutes in the last 72 hours without bursting into tears over something as trivial as his blanket being folded the wrong way, his cards not going back into their case, Reesie not holding his finger, his sandwich would take too much time to eat, and things of that sort. It just gets to be too much, ya know? And Reese. My baby who never makes a peep has been crying, yelling, demanding to be held 24/7. How do all you moms with only one personality (the normal one) do it? While I think motherhood is the greatest and best blessing in my life, it is also my biggest challenge. I have a lot to live up to...I mean, my mom was perfect. Seriously, the perfect mom. She was the ultimate example of love and sacrifice for her kids. While I always love my kids no matter what, I don't always show it, and I sometimes want to give up. And sometimes, just sometimes, Psycho Mckay rears her ugly head. My mother can attest to that. Can't someone please tell me where the manual is, and can you please customize it for my children and I?

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