Monday, September 10, 2007

OAMC- Part 2

Well, I did it. Actually we did it. My mom and sister were also interested in doing OAMC so we decided to cheat a bit and do a meal exchange--we each picked 4 meals and made those same 4 meals 3 times. Then we traded. So we now have freezers full of 12 meals. We decided to go with 12 for this first trial run to see how we liked it. Next time I think I will be making more. I really liked the way we did it this time. It was much easier to just go with 4 meals 3 times rather than do 12 different meals all by myself in one day. We saved a lot of time by making it into an exchange. So all in all, good experience! Can't wait to eat my yummy, no fuss meals!


Jewelry84097 said...

Does your OAMC book have veggie recipes?

Laurie said...

The chicken Rice wraps were good.

Patience & Co. said...

I've been cyber-stalking you for a while now. Burr gave me your blog address & I love it! I'm thinking of getting something from your say it on the wall business.
I want more info on oamc though! I want to start that with some friends up here!

Patience & Co. said...

oh by the way, patience means me, allison czarnecki, married to mee-how

Mariela said...

It was fun to do, net time I'll make some of the recipes into 2 pans because 1 pan is too much for Clay and I.

Mandy said...

So what recipes di you all make?

Mckay said...

The things we made were:
BBQ Meatballs
Salsbury Steak & Gravy
Teriyaki Beef
Chicken & Rice Wraps
Baked Chicken
Margarita Fajita Chicken
Chicken & Pasta
Red Chile Beef Enchiladas
Beef Stew
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Sloppy Joes

So far I have had the Chicken and Rice Wraps and the Beef Enchiladas, they were both REALLY good, and super simple to serve!

Mckay said...

There are veggie recipes in it!