Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reesie's Birthday Pictures

I decided not to do a huge cake--I made these flower cupcakes instead. {Thanks, Mandy}
After a lot of help from her over-eager brother, the present is finally unwrapped!

Not interested in opening presents--I just want to clap!

Marshmallows are yummy!

Still working on it!

I realized we are very bad at taking pictures. We take a million of the same one, and then think we are done. What about the rest of the day?! I will have to work on my picture-taking skills.


Ashley said...

Look at those cute cupcakes! I am constantly impressed with your homemaking skills.

Mckay said...

Ash- Homemaking skills are inevitable once you become a mom. I fought it for 2+ years, I lost. Now I LOVE crafts, cooking, minivans {ha!}, and all that has to do with homemaking. It's fun!

Mariela said...

It was a fun Party! It gets to be so fun when they finally understand the concept! Like Devin in Primary when he was the spotlight, It's my Birthday! How cute!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

I agree- I am just jumping on the homemaking bandwagon and really liking it. :) I love the cupcakes- are the petals marshmallows?

Mckay said...

The petals are marshmallows--cut into thirds, with an m&m in the middle.