Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Sweet Stuff

I think I have stated before that Devin is a very, very smart boy. He will hear something and think about it for days trying to make sense of it. Occasionally he will ask questions to gain a better understanding, but mostly he is a contextual thinker. He runs it through his head over and over, until he is certain it makes sense, and he is right {about whatever it is}.

Lately his wonderings have been about the gospel. Devin listens to the scriptures on tape at night before bed. A little over a week ago, he started listening to the New Testament. Along with this came many questions and observations--mainly about Jesus Christ's crucifixion and Resurrection. One day we were in the car and I was listening to the Book of Mormon on CD. It must have sparked his memory of the New Testament and all the things he was trying to work through in his head, because suddenly he had many questions. Good questions. He asked me why "the mean men" killed Jesus Christ. He asked me how they did it. And he asked me why they did it. I turned the Book of Mormon off, and began answering his questions as best I knew. One of the things I explained was that Jesus died so we have the chance to repent of our sins. I then went through the steps of repentance with him. Devin was quiet the whole time I was explaining to him. When I finished with the steps of repentance, he quietly said, "When we repent, Jesus will make us more righteous." Nowhere in my whole shpeel did I say those words. I was/am so humbled to have such a remarkable little spirit, with such a remarkable understanding of the principles of the gospel. He strengthens my testimony every day with his observations and desire to learn and understand the gospel.

Now, those that know my Dev know this: he is very cunning. He is known to bust out with the sweetest "I love you" right after he has gotten into some big trouble. He is known to give kisses freely after he has done something he knows he shouldn't. Well, he has added on to his cunningness. The past two days after he does something his dad or I ask him to apologize for, he quickly says "sorry" and "Jesus will make me more righteous!" Who can be angry with that?!


Mariela said...

I agree with you, Devin has the sweetest spirit!

Kristen said...

that is too sweet. he's such a cutie!

Bella said...

Oh McKay, your kids are sooo cute! Your little girl looks so much like you!