Monday, May 7, 2007

Cry It Out

I HATE, HATE, HATE the Cry It Out Method. Really I do. I think it is a little mean, especially in new babies who are needing to learn their needs will be taken care of, they are not alone, and they are loved dearly. I cringe when I hear people are doing the CIOM on their brand new little ones. I just feel so badly for the babies, to be crying and have no one come rescue them. Well, this week I have been at my wits end with Reesie not sleeping at night. She has always been a great sleeper. Until about a week ago. The same time I noticed a little tooth trying to come through. Now, she wakes up at least 5x a night, wants to comfort nurse, and has to be picked up and held. Then when I put her back down for bed again, she screams the most hideous scream and lets it rip through the house. I am exhausted. I decided last night I could not do it any longer. I know she is not hungry, I know she is not too hot not too cold, I know she CAN sleep through the night, I have given her tylenol for her tooth. So I tried it. CIO, I mean. I hated it, but you know what? I got more sleep. It worked. Somewhat. We will see what tonight holds. Those who know me well know I am deaf in my left ear. Not fully, but enough so that I can't hear a lot of things. Last night when I went into her room, I kissed her, gave her her binky, told her I loved her, gave her a toy, tucked her back in, basically did everything I could do for her without actually picking her up. Then I walked out. At the sound of her door closing she became more angry and louder than my sweet little stink has ever been. She was really mad. I am sure she felt very betrayed. I got back into bed so uncertain I was doing the right thing, but knowing that I needed sleep or Psycho Mckay would make her entrance very soon. So as I said, I got back into bed, rolled onto my right ear, muffling her screams enough so that I could still slightly hear them, yet be able to fall asleep despite them, and told myself: If my baby is still crying in 10 minutes, to heck with CIO. 5 minutes went by, she was going strong. 7 minutes, still screaming. 9 minutes, I am thinking 'this will never let up. My poor baby will hate me!' 9 and a half minutes, SILENCE. I was shocked! She gave up, she went back to sleep! And she slept for the next 3 hours (hasn't slept that much straight at night in a week). When she woke up at 5:30am, I felt good. I felt rested, I got her out of bed, fed her, and she slept until 7:00am. As hard as it was, in this situation it was the greatest thing I possibly could have done for myself. And guess what? She woke up still loving me. I got the same smile, the same big hug, and the same nice, slobbery, suck face kiss.


Mariela said...
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Mariela said...

McKay you are a great mom. I would not always use that method either. However, it works at helping get into routines. Its hard not to go back in but if you do they know you'll give in. However, you did good putting the time limit. Don't doubt yourself, she will still love you in the morning and you felt rested. You re not psycho either your human. You have to take care of yourself too so you can take care of your kids without feeling phycho. You are a great mom. I hope I can one day do as well as you. I'll be coming to you for advice. luv, Mariela PS i deleted my first comment because i didnt fix my errors but this stillsays the same thing. Haha. Happy we'll be in young womens together.

Harris Family said...

McKay you are so cute! I love reading your blogs! When I first had Carson so many people told me to do the cry it out method, and I read that book BabyWise... and for the first week (C-section) I was in the hospital, the second he slept with me because it was too hard to get in and out of bed, and the third week I attempted the cry it out method. It was awful. I was an emotional wreck to begin with, but I was just crying and crying hearing him be so mad. Then, I'd go pick him up and put him in my arms and he would stop, and fall right asleep. I knew the third time I did it, I would never do it again. It doesn't help most of the time. NOW: that being said, there have been a couple of times that Carson is dreadfully tired and has a hard time getting in his nap. I will tell my sister (who has him during naptime sometimes) to just let him cry for like 5-10 minutes, and that usually works. It works because I don't have to hear it! Sometimes it is needed for older babies like our babies, but when they are first born... no way! I completely agree with you. Carson is 7 months now, he goes down flawlessly... he eats, and I can lay him in his crib awake, and he goes right to bed, no problems, and he sleeps all the way until 7 or 8 in the morning. (He goes down at 8). Hate to sayit, but the best thing in my opinion, is to let the baby figure it out. I never thought Carson would, but at about 5 1/2 months he got it, and has never gone back... he hasn't gotten teeth yet, so lets see!