Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dev's Mural Has Been Started!

I updated the picture I posted this morning. Kathy came back early today and worked really hard to get this done. It is turning out so good! It is so neat to see this mural come to life! I will keep posting progress pictures.

You see, this is the beginning of Devin's huge, two wall Spiderman mural. What you are looking at is the beginning of a building that is going to be part of a skyline. Devin is so excited to be able to have Spiderman in his room on his wall to "look at all night" he thinks he will stay up all night to see what Spiderman does. He is a cutie. Last weekend Brad and Dev went to Spiderman 3 and Dev dressed up as Spiderman. No joke, he wore the full suit to the movie. Unfortunately we couldn't find the mask, but it was so cute all the same. I believe Brad is going to post pictures of that on his blog, so check it out!