Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Vacation

Lately I am so excited that it is summer. Summer is by far my favorite season. I love it. I love the heat, I love the sun, I love the plants and flowers, I love barbecuing, I love it all.

This summer we consider ourselves very lucky... we get to go on a vacation! YAY! At the beginning of August we are going to Brad's family reunion and then after we are going to Disneyland for Dev's birthday! I can't wait to see my little boy get to experience "the happiest place on Earth." We will see if he feels that way. I am also excited to see how Reesie will react. She will be just one month shy of one year old.

We are making sure to stay in a hotel across the street from the park so that I can take Reesie back to nap if needed. Does any one have any other suggestions or musts for us?


Mandy said...

We took Laney a few weeks shy of 1 year. She seemed to enjoy it as she likes to people watch. We only went on a few rides. THe hardest part for her was that she wanted to be put down so she could crawl around and explore. I wasn't nice enough to let her do that though! So you might want to incorporate that with nap time.

Ashley said...

Your Disneyland trip sounds like a lot more fun than the one I will be taking in a couple of weeks. I will be chaperoning a group of 200 high school seniors. I am preparing myself for all the drama

Harris Family said...

I want to go! That sounds like so much fun!!! I need a vacation! Good luck, I'll be looking forward to some pictures!

Angie said...

I have a friend who LOVES Disneyland! She started a daily email game called "Disneyland Photo of the Day." She sends a picture from Disneyland everyday w/ fun little facts and then at the end of the week we vote for our favorite picture. I have learned so many cool things about the park since she started doing it and most of it is things you would never know. I can ask her to add you to the mailing list if you are interested.

Stephanie said...

Hey McKay- here are some really good and kinda funny disneyland tips for parents I read on one of my favorite websites- hope they help -just copy this link:


Have fun! I was tempted to take Ambrose while we were on the mainland, but Thomas reminded me that at 2 months he would A) never remember any of it and B) have a horrible time... so maybe next year!

Mariela said...

Mckay, that is so exciting! Take lots of pictures. I especially want to hear what Devin will have to say. He is so funny!