Tuesday, May 8, 2007

High Chair Fun

So yesterday I dug out the high chair and cleaned it all off for Reesie to use. She LOVES it! She hasn't figured out that you are supposed to EAT in the high chair, she just likes to sit in it. She still doesn't want to eat solids aside from sucking on Ritz crackers. As far as baby food goes, she wants nothing to do with it. She is a mommy lover and just wants to nurse. I am fine with this, but her doctor is really wanting her on solids. He thinks it will help her "thin out." I love the chunk!

And then the pictures of Dev are of him enjoying his cheeseburger and his Kool-aid bottle. He has discovered in the past 2 months he might like to eat. And eat he does. This kid eats like a horse. Every morning he has 3 different breakfasts, then he has at least 2 lunches, and a big dinner. Not to mention snacks. I am feeling like a short order cook around here and it drives me crazy, but at least my little guy is finally interested in food. Hopefully Reese won't take this long because I find nursing a baby past 18 months to be a little gross. Heck, I hope to be done around 12 months! Anyway, there's the latest!


Mandy said...

Theya re so cute. I can't believe how big Devin is and I love his hair. Sorry about all the meals you have to cook though. That would be tough!

Harris Family said...

That's too funny that your doc wants solids to thin her out! Babies are supposed to be chunky, its what makes them cute! Believe me, this is the only time she will get away with being chunky and people loving it, let her live it up!!

momintx said...

Look at that curly hair, I love it. Your babies are darling!!