Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Home Decor

I need tips. OK, understatement. I need someone to boss me around and tell me what to and buy and where EXACTLY to put it. We have lived in our home for a year now, and I still haven't decorated. Not one room--wait, I take that back. I have decorated the kids bathroom, and let me tell you, it is very cute, but now I am stumped. Sure I have some random things put up throughout the house, but the vast majority of my house is bare.

I have decided I want my kitchen to have a rooster theme--why roosters? I have no clue. I just like them in the kitchen for some reason, and I like the coloring to most of the decorative ones I have seen. But I don't know what to get or where to start or how to pull it all together.

I have two living rooms. Both have VERY LARGE, empty walls. What do you do with a wall that is never ending? Seriously, I think I could hang a picture up, but then there is so much wall left over still that I think the picture would just look silly. Someone suggested starting with valances and curtains and then going from there. Valance I can do. Curtains are a no. I just want my blinds, I think. Unless someone can tell me why that is a no no in it a no no? I don't want curtains because I hate dark houses. And I don't want my kids playing with them. Mostly though because I hate dark houses, and Brad loves living in a cave, so I know most of the time I would be fighting with him to keep the curtains open. This has been the struggle of our marriage, well that and bath towels, but we won't get into that one. Anyway, I digress. Back to valances and decoration. I suppose I could start there, but then I would have to tie it all into a little piece of fabric. Wouldn't it be easier to decorate then find fabric to match that? Is everyone understanding my dilemma? It all boils down to: I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DO THIS!!! That and I don't want to spend a fortune. If I had a fortune I would have Nate Berkus come do my whole house. I love Nate. Is he gay? Just a side question out of curiosity.

Moving out of my two living rooms, and onto the rest of the house: bedrooms. Not too concerned there. Dev is getting his mural, so that basically takes care of his room. I have a ton of stuff to put up in Reesie's room but I am lazy and haven't done it yet. And my room is bare bones, but I don't care. I want to wait and get a bedroom set and go from there. Plus no one sees my room but Brad and I, and I know for a fact that Brad couldn't care less about decor in there. He is concerned with the yard. And a new laptop. Go figure.

So does anyone know Nate? Or at least have some ideas for me? Maybe I will post pictures of my ginormous walls in the living rooms and of the kitchen...then someone could give a clueless gal a hand.

PS: Did I spell valance right?


Harris Family said...

Man, I am the last person to give you ideas. Every time someone comes into my new house they say "So when are you going to paint". I have no talent whatsoever in that department. I know I like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn stuff, but I am not paying for that, and even if I could, and bought the exact same stuff on the floor model... I'd bring it home and still screw it up! I have a simple taste, I don't like a lot of clutter. Nate is gay by the way... but, not to discriminate, gay guys are the best! I would have a gay guy do my hair and makeup any time of the day... and especially decorate my house! Post pics, I'd love to see any progress!

Thank you for that super nice comment on my blog! That was nice to wake up to =) I do wish our kiddos could play too!

nicole said...

You mean all those cute displays from sayitonthewall are not from your house? I kept thinking how cute your house must be with all the cute sayings... I never would have guessed that you had more work to do! I am afraid I am not help to you - we can't really paint walls or anything fun in an apartment... although I think I might just do it for the baby's room - who cares right? Phil has 3 more years to go... they'll probably repaint when we finally move anyways!

Mandy said...

I have the same problem you do so I am no help. Sorry. If you find something good though, let us know. Maybe I will just copy you.

Mariela said...

McKay, I live next door to you and can say your house is cuter then you think. However, I have the same problem. A little at a time I guess...