Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Herpes of the EYEBROW--Anyone???

This is a true story.

So I have a favorite little place to go and get my eyebrows waxed. They do a fantastic job, better than anyone I have ever been to before. They can get me in and out quickly. But, over the last few times I have been I have noticed questionable things.

1) They make you go into their waxing room. I know this is a normal thing, except this room is, well, a little disturbing. My friend Anna and I refer to this room as one of the torture chambers on the television show 24. It is small, cramped, filthy dirty, and is kept away from the other customers.

And now for the big rant and purpose of this post:

2) The last time I was there I was in a big hurry. I asked if they could squeeze me in. The nice Asian man said yes and started shouting in Korean to his co-worker who begins to motion to me to come back into the torture chamber. We get to the torture chamber but it is occupied. My first thought is that they want me to share the bed with the current victim getting waxed. At last minute, my lady decides she would rather wax me while I am in a pedicure chair. Weird angle, but okay. I sit my tush in the pedicure chair and my lady tells me she will be right back. She goes into the torture chamber and comes back with the wax pot....I about DIED! It was the most horrendous site I have ever seen. It was covered in dirty, black wax all on the outside. She had to carry it with torn out magazine pages. I then glimpse at the pot more fully--there are two Popsicle sticks in it, I could tell they have been used and used and used and used and used, okay you get the picture--used on NUMEROUS occasions on NUMEROUS people. They were covered in wax and nasty in color. I am thinking, 'surely they aren't going to use that on me!' Then she tells me to close my eyes. I feel like I am in a horror movie. My throat closes, I can't speak, I can't move, I just want to get out of there and say 'I don't think I want your services anymore', but I can get it out...then I feel the warm wax sliding across my eyebrow. I am still frozen wanting to cry. I am so disgusted. The rest is a blur. I think I blocked it out because it was so traumatic. I remember paying, then going to my car, then thinking--I am going to get HERPES! OF THE BROW!!!! Here is how I figure...these people use the same sticks on everyone, double dipping every time. If someone has herpes on their lips (otherwise known as cold sores) it is contagious! I am going to get it on my eyebrows and gain the nickname "Sloth" or something! EWWWWWW!!! Needless to say I have not been back since. I have been tempted, because amazon brows are no fun, but I don't think having herpes would be a blast either. I am in desperate need of a sanitary wax job--anyone have any ideas?

Oh yeah, and before this herpes close call incident, I had another experience there. Not funny at the time, but now I can crack a smile. It involved a language barrier and me asking to get a wax job, them translating to me wanting a FULL FACE WAX... maybe that nice story can be a part two to this post. Gosh, why did I continue to go there? Must be because I feel I have a special bond with my people. Why aren't they as bonded to me?


Harris Family said...

Let me tell you how many times I wonder about that! I get my eyebrows done all the time, and get a little worried. I used to go to this nail salon down the street cuz its only $8, then I had almost the exact smae experience. There is a hair salon right next to me, that charges I think $11, which gets expensive every other week or so... but my eyebrows are herpes free! Best of luck!

Ashley said...

That was the worst story ever! The microbiologist in me is so disturbed. About two years I gave in and started doing my eyebrows myself. I even trim them at the end. At first I thought it was going to be a disaster, but I am complimented on them all the time. And of course I am not very humble and instead of just politely saying Thanks..I instead blurt out how I do them myself. I say give it a try!