Thursday, June 7, 2007

12,000 years

That is how long Devin says it has been since he has received any mail. The past few days he has been so sad that there has been no mail for him in our mail box. Today he started crying and said "I haven't gotten mail in 12,000 years!" I tried to tell him that Merry Moose sends him cards and it hasn't been 12,000 years since he has received one of those, to which he replied, "Merry Moose sends me letters, but it has been 12,000 years. I want to be the king of letters!" So, to all those who know my Dev, please, make him the king of the mail. You know where to send it!

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Mariela said...

How cute! Clay and I will have a card for him :) Maybe he can write Danielle and Michelle. Like pen pals. They write me back when I write them. It would be fun.