Sunday, June 10, 2007

ISO Book Recommendations

Alrighty, dear blog readers: I need some good book recommendations both for myself, and for my kids. So lets hear them! What have you read and loved lately?

Also, I need good movie recommendations. But they have to be out on DVD. Theater movies aren't very practical for me at this adventurous point in my life. Ready, Set, Go!!!


Harris Family said...

I stopped reading books when I stopped college =) How you find time to read so much is amazing. With two kids? I don't know how you do it!

Jewelry84097 said...

I like Orson Scott Card's Women of the Bible series: Sarah; Rebekah; and Rachel & Leah. If you like True Crime, I love Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme novels. Also Sue Grafton's novels about a female private detective are good. A is for Alibi; B is for Burglar, etc. Her latest, T is for Trespass, is due out in December. And of course an all time favorite is the Harry Potter Series. Support your local library!