Monday, June 4, 2007

Things I Love About My Kids Right Now

First off, thanks for this idea, Mandy. I love reading what you love about Laney. It is so fun to know what she is learning/doing.

Okay, so first things I love about Dev right now:

  • He is so eager to learn anything. He is inquisitive and won't settle for "I don't know" as an answer.
  • He loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We have conversations about them everyday. Devin is convinced that Jesus did not create birds that bite. He also thinks that only the birds that are black bite, therefore Jesus did not create them.
  • He loves to run around in nothing but his undies. He thinks it helps him play better.
  • He eats about 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 4 snacks, and dinner everyday. While I hate all the meal preparation and set up, I think it is hysterical that he is finally making up for all the years he WOULDN'T eat.
  • He tells everyone we see in public, "I am not yours. I am mommy's. You can't have me." He will say this to people who weren't even talking to him or looking at him.
  • He also lets everyone know that Reesie is ours, not theirs.

Okay, now for things I love about Reesie:
  • She is such a momma's girl.
  • She is starting to let us know what she wants, and when she is unhappy with us. She likes to eat paper. When I take it away she sure lets me know that she is MAD!
  • Her mode of transportation is rolling. She can roll anywhere, and get into anything. She isn't even interested in crawling. Rolling gets her there just fine.
  • Her fat rolls. I love to squeeze them and listen to her laugh.
  • When she bounces in her jumper and makes little earthquakes. She sure can get going.
  • Her growl. I especially love it in church when it is quiet and she lets it out. I wish you all could hear it.
  • She loves her Daddy and Devin so much. I can't even nurse her with them in the same room because she is too busy smiling and laughing at them to nurse.
There is a lot more, but I will spare you all. I could go on forever about how wonderful, cute, intelligent, funny, etc. my kids are. They really are such a joy to me. I am so blessed to have them.


Mariela said...

That is so sweet! Once I wrote a list for Clay about the 101 things I loved about him. It was fun and it's easy to come up with all the things you love.

Harris Family said...

That is nice, it is amazing how you try to describe how you love your babies, and there is simply no way!!
When are we getting y'all to Texas? You'd love it I promise!