Friday, June 22, 2007

Reese update

Reese has officially graduated into a front facing car seat. At her 9 month well child check yesterday, the pediatrician told me to turn her around. She is 30" long, and 22 lbs. Her legs don't quite fit comfortably the other way anymore. Her doctor also told me that she is as big as your average one year old! Where did she come from? Dev was so small, it is still surprising to me to have such a big baby. I haven't turned her around yet--to me that is just another mile stone that is part of her growing up, and I am not ready for her to grow up. These last nine months have flown by.

Reese is also trying to crawl. She can successfully crawl maybe 2 steps, then she hits the belly again. She is getting pretty good at army crawling, but isn't very fast at it (thank goodness). She can go from laying to sitting (this is a brand new feat) but she still can't pull herself to standing. She still doesn't like baby food (smart girl) but she will try mama's food from her plate. She is a prissy little princess and doesn't like to eat food from my fingers, she prefers I stick it on a fork first. She loves to scream at the top of her lungs (for fun, when she is happy) and she gets her brother doing the same thing. They love to take turns screaming in each other's faces and laugh at one another. She loves her daddy and her brother. She lights up when they walk in the room, and her attention stays focused on them. She laughs at everything they do. Her laugh is so cute. It is one of my favorite sounds. She has some stranger anxiety, but that is normal for a baby her age.

We love our Reesie, and she is such a blessing to our family. I feel so lucky to have the two wonderful kids I have. I sure learn a lot from them.


Mariela said...

I love watching Reese and Devin interact. It is so cute! Love it!

Mandy said...

She is bigger than Laney. My doctor told me to NOT turn her around yet at her one year appointment because she was too small. Lucky for her, at 13 months I let her make the switch. Both your kids are so cute.

Harris Family said...

Aww-- I havent done carsons 9 month, and he turns 9 months tomorrow! He can't sit up from laying down, so that awesome for her that she can! 22lbs, I bet Carson is right around there, we'll see. THey are too cute, I love the pool picture!

Jewelry84097 said...

Kiera (almost 11 months) is on the verge of walking. She is about the same size as Reese. She still has no hair! Reese is a doll. I thought she looked like you in her sonogram portrait and I still think so!