Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An Example of My Days with Devin

This particular day started at the park. Fun right? Only mostly. We were very excited to play at the park, but when I pulled up, Devin began to whine and cry that we were at the wrong park. Apparently the park we were at didn't have enough toys. I quickly got him to stop crying and complaining by telling him we were going to play at this park, or we were going to go home. He decided the park we were at was okay after all. So there we were. I was socializing with other moms when I noticed Devin in the play sand in the middle of the park, circling. Kind of like a dog when he is about to sit down. I wonder to myself, 'what is Devin doing?' And then he answered my unspoken question, right there in front of everyone: he yanks down his pants and begins to pee. I ran to him. He looks at me and tells me nonchalantly "I gotta go pee. There is no bathroom" he says this as he is trying to run away, pants around his ankles. I get him put back together and he runs off to play. I do the walk of both embarrassment and amusement back to the other moms who are laughing. One of them asks me why his underwear is on backwards. I told her the truth. Devin's truth: Because he doesn't have eyes in the back of his bum, and can't see Batman with them on the right way. Makes perfect sense.

Now, the above scenerio is funny, right? You can see the humor in it? Well so could I. The first time. The kicker is that he did it again. The same day. At Brad's work party in his co-workers backyard. There he is playing with his new pal Rowan when all of a sudden he stops what he is doing, drops his drawers right where he is, and let's the fire hose go. When he is finished he pulls his pants up, and continues playing with his pal just like nothing ever happened leaving all the adults both stunned and disgusted, probably. I hope the tree survives. Man, it must be nice to be a boy.

After all this occured, I was watching him like a hawk to make sure he didn't decided to pee-n-go for a third time, when I noticed he was running like he had been riding a horse all day. Weird, I thought. Then, I notice him constantly picking a melvin out of his rear end. I guess if I wore my undies the wrong way I'd have some problems too. I left it up to Brad to explain the chaffing business and it seems to have gone over well. Eyes in the back of his bum or not, Batman is staying close to home.

Ahh, my Devin.


Mandy said...

That is hilarious. I guess I will be glad I have girls at my house!

Mariela said...

Those are several of the reasons why we love him so much!

Harris Family said...

Wow, that is the funniest thing I have ever read! I was dying laughing. I can just see the pride in Brads eyes too! He is such a doll, and Ressie is too cute, I love that hat!
Thanks for saying my son is cute!

Jewelry84097 said...

Boys!!!! Watch out when Devin is older. My Joe (age 11) thinks it is funny to whine in the car on a long drive and make the driver stop to let him pee on the side of the freeway. He also has to check out the bathroom EVERYWHERE we go. Now, we just refuse to give him a drink when we travel. This seems to be working.